Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Season Calendar

     At Portillo every week is special. Of course, some weeks are more special than others, and throughout the year the hotel offers a number of different promotions and events for guests to enjoy. So in line with my goal to make this blog as informative as possible, I`ve outlined each and every one of these deals. Further details can be found at:


June 9 - 30 : Family Weeks
For three weeks in June, there will be tons of activities designed especially for children and young adults, as well as combined events for the entire family. Let the games begin!

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1 Child without charge
During the following dates, each family can bring one child between the ages of 4 and 11 to ski and sleep entirely for free:
  • June 25 - July 2
  • September 10 - 24
2 Children without charge
During the following week, any mother or father paying in full can bring two of their children between the ages of 4 and 11 to ski and sleep entirely for free:
  • September 24 - October 1

July 30 - August 6 : Wine Week
As in years past, wine week offers guests the delicious chance to taste, as well as hear the stories behind, some of the best wines in Chile. The week, which consists of a different tasting each night, is easily one of our most popular, so it is  recommended that reservations are made far in advance.

August 20 - 27 : Friends Week
Friends week aims to provide a memorable experience for younger guests, large groups of friends who want a fun and lively vacation. Like Family Week, there will be activities organized throughout the week in the hope that guests can build new friendships and solidify old ones.

August 27 - September 3 : Wine Fest
Wine Fest is essentially a glorified continuation of Wine Week. Accordingly, guests will have the opportunity to try incredible wines and learn about the world of wine making. At the end of each presentation, guests will be asked a few questions, with the winner receiving special prizes.

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Free Night at the Ritz-Carlton Santiago
During the following dates, upon reserving a Ski Week in Portillo, guests may solicit a night free in the hotel Ritz-Carlton in Santiago. It´s a great way to ease the stressful transition between the airport and Portillo.
  • August 20 - September 3

     If any of this is confusing, or just seems to good to be true, leave a question and/or comment below and I'll be sure to clear things up. With so much going on, it's important to get the details straight. Anyways, hope this helps!.... Also, it's snowing like crazy right now. Powder day tomorrow.

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