Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ski lobby

     The precipitation has stopped, and it's your typical bluebird day in Portillo. I forgot my sunglasses in the hotel after a late night at the disco, and leaving the Siberia was truly painful. That is until my eyes adjusted.  Fresh snow covered everything. It's hard to tell where the light is coming from here, the glossy slopes or the sun beaming above them. Although there are no trees in Portillo, color is everywhere. The blue sky, the yellow hotel, the brown and hard black peaks. I savor the slow walk to the hotel on days like this... I would be skiing, but rules are rules - employees ski during the week only. But I don't complain. I'm still here, taking it in, and the truth is, skiing is just one way to enjoy these beautiful surroundings.

   Still, I've got a friend from the states visiting Portillo tonight and tomorrow, and I'm going to lobby management to make an exception. Let's be honest, it's going to be a powder day again tomorrow. I'll say it again: snow stays fresh longer than it should in Portillo (see Guests and groomers). Anyways, My friend has only one day to ski, and it's also tomorrow. The stars have clearly aligned in our favor, Morgan. I'm banking on good ol' skier's sympathy. The rule makers enjoy the sport as much as I do, so I'm hoping they understand. Here's my angle:

40 cm in the last 24 hrs.
70 cm in the last week.
Two gringo friends from Vermont (ice) have the opportunity to ski together in Chile (polvo).

     Comment furiously in my favor. Maybe it'll help. As some mild encouragement, enjoy a few pictures from yesterday's storm and the beautiful aftermath that was this morning. As always, for more info on life and skiing at Portillo, check out our facebook page. Señor misterio de facebook, who`s good friend of mine, boards almost daily, and I'm guessing he's uploaded photos already.

Yeah, dog

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