Friday, July 22, 2011

New Kids on the Noise

     I didn`t know anything about these guys until earlier today. I`m your dorky gringo, who likes Manà and Manu Chao. But tonight is the CORONA PARTY in the DISCO and the New Kids are bringing the music (noise). More than a few of the employees, including the regular dj, have been plugging the duo, who I`ve been told are somewhat big in Santiago. What I do know is that they played at Lollapalooza Chile earlier this summer, which immediately makes New Kids bigger than the bands we`re used to seeing up here. Much bigger.

    So I`ve been listening to tracks off their facebook page for the past half hour. Mash-up type stuff. It`s nothing too original, but they´re good. In all honesty, I`ll dance to anything that isn`t Cumbia or Reggaeton. Sorry, my latino friends, I gave it a chance. Anyways, Fridays are always fun, and tonight looks to be a topper. Between the free-flowing Corona, tonight`s sponsor, and good ole fashioned party music, it`ll be easy to forget that tomorrow is Saturday*...

*Saturdays, if I´ve failed to mention, are generally hellish workdays in reception. It`s the end of the ski week and the start of a new one, meaning we get swamped with check-ins Seriously, I get cramps just thinking about it. 

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