Friday, July 8, 2011

Swatch Skiers Cup

     Coming to Valle Nevado, Chile this September, the Swatch event has been coined, "the first ever big-mountain, freeride team matchplay event." It's basically a play off the standard big-mountain contest, consisting of two teams from Europe and the Americas. The idea is to epically combine freeride and slopestyle formats, and the two team captains, Kaj Zackrisson and Mark Abma, will be selecting the top skiers from their respective hemispheres for this sole purpose of big-mountain devastation. Sick lines, big crowds, parties, Chile. Sounds fun, right?

     The event will take place from the 5th-12th of September at Portillo's nearby "competitor," Valle Nevado. But, hey, what's good for Chilean skiing, and the Skier's Cup most definitely is, benefits all of us. So props to Valle for landing the contest. Depending on my days off, I may even try and hop over and watch the action myself. No doubt it's going to a fun time. For more information on the event, including a neat little trailer, check out the following article:

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