Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Photos

     I love whiteouts - especially at night. You're stuck inside. It's dark out. Through frosted windows, we are contentedly watching tomorrow's snow rapidly accumulate. But, really, I can't see anything; it's a whiteout. The certainty comes from seeing friends stroll outside, only to stomp back in minutes later blanketed head to toe... and obviously smiling. That's what it's like right now and we're thrilled. Unfortunately, the total lack of visibility means I'm not sharing any photos from today. I did go skiing, which was great, but the light was flat and sometimes it's better to leave the camera at home. This again means no visual evidence of the storm we're experiencing. Tomorrow, pending that the lifts are open, I'll bring the camera. Until then, how about a photo bag from August instead?

Employee housing

Blue dusk

Trucks crossing into Argentina... slowly

Almost frozen


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